Choosing A Rat Exercise Wheel That Your Pet Loves


Pets are our closest friends that we have in our homes. Pets require attention just as we do meaning that to keep our pets healthy and safe we need to provide them with a special need that they require to keep them strong and healthy. Domesticated rats are some of the pets most families have in their homes. These pets should be kept healthy and strong by feeding them well and also providing them with a method of exercise and this is achieved by acquiring a rat exercise wheel that is available in most shopping malls. When shopping for a rat wheel, there are some features that should be considered to ensure that the wheel that you have bought is appropriate and safe for your pet to avoid cases of injuries and also endangering your pet’s life. Here are some of the features you should consider when choosing the best and safe rat wheel for your pet.


These kinds of wheels are mostly preferred by most people. They are of two types: wire ones and there are plastic enclosed ones. Plastic enclosed ones are more recommended. First, they are easier to clean and they are safe. The wheel should be large enough for the rat this will provide enough room for the rat when running on it. In case you go with a wire wheel, ensure the wheel you bought should be easily accessible and without distractions that will not get in the way of your rat pet from entering in the wheel. Choose the wheel with a tight mesh, this will prevent from toes getting stuck during exercise. Avoid wheels with sharp edges they may endanger your pet.


Small wheels are the major cause of the back problem for rats. If the rat arches its back downwards then it means that wheel is too small for it and it will run in an upward fashion. If you notice that the wheel is small for you rat, remove it as soon as possible to avoid causing back injuries, nerve damage, muscular injuries, and more other conditions that may arise due to the above situation.


Rat saucer wheels are a unique type of wheels, they are designed in a way that they keep the rat’s head at a natural position and these wheels have limited chances for toes becoming snagged, no rusting because it’s coated well. They are well designed to resist chewing and they also provide great exercise for the rat. They are very easier and cheap to clean. In concussion, the rat saucer wheel is the most appropriate wheel to choose when shopping for a rat wheel. It has features that safeguard and provide great exercise for your rat. Size should be considered when choosing the best rat wheel this will larger wheels will provide enough room for your rat and will not cause discomfort when running. Also if your rat is too big and cannot fit in any wheels available you are advised to get an alternative method of exercising your rat.

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