Comparing Electric And Gas Smokers Available Today


Smoking food gives them a great taste that you can not get from an oven or even a grill. In the old days, you had to build a smokehouse to smoke your meat and other food. But the art of smoking has been a long way since then. There are many types of smokers these days, and each has its
own unique features and benefits. The variety of smokers can sometimes make choosing a tougher than building your own smokehouse! But do not worry. this article helps answering the question – electric smoker or gas?

Electric meat smoker

If you are all over push button convenience, the electric smoker is for you. Since it must be plugged into an electrical outlet, an electric smoker is not as portable as other smokers. Electric smokers come in both analog and digital styles. The old(analogue) version electric smokers are incorporated with a thermostat dial which is adjustable to control the temperature, while new model (digital) electric smokers come with a digital screen with buttons to control the temperature. An electric smoker can boil faster than a gas smoker, but does not always give the richest smoky taste.

Smokers are among the most diverse products you can buy. Partly because of the number of fuels or sources of energy they can use and partly because smoking is cooked from a traditional grill cooked 225 degrees F to cold smoking for things like fish, cheese or jerks that are so low or Lower than 60 degrees F.

Most electric smokers has capacity to perform some task and this can be their weakness or their strength. The ideal strength, but a better electric smoker is determined by its automation. Most defined, and usually more costly, electric smokers allows you select a temperature, and even time you start it and power it on. They are almost as easy to use as a microwave oven. The available electric smokers today in the market are old smokey, bradley smoker, smokin-it model 2 Cookshack Amerique and meco stainless steel.

Gas smoker

Barbecue purists tend to emerge their noses with gas smokers. I do not think this is because they did not cut out large smoked foods, but because there were too many badly designed and basically cheap gas smokers on the market. Gas smokers are readily available in the people who desire an easy and simple to use.

Gas smokers are ideal alternative to digital electric smokers. You never have to mind about wasting
electricity energy and spoiling your meat. And since you do not have to infect a propane smoker, it is very portable. Gas smokers also give a better smoky taste compared to electric smokers. Similar to the advantages of a gas grill, gas smokers are more comfortable. A gas smoker is also similar to a gas grill that has a push button ignition and a built-in temperature indicator. Below are the types of gas smokers: smoke hollow 44 inch, camp chef smoker, landmann smokey mountain and char-broil vertical. The smoke hollow can be a good investment.

Choose the meat smoker you like best

Decide what your top priority is. If you are after convenience, go with an electric smoker. If you want convenience, but you want a better taste than the electrical offers, you get a gas smoker. If you want a good balance of comfort and taste, you will be happy with both smoker.

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