Growing up with an electric piano and eventually ending up as a decent musicians

musiciansAs a little boy I was already exposed to music thanks to my parents who also loved music a great deal. My mother sang in the church choir and my father loved playing music instruments. Our home was often filled with music. Our parents made it a point for us to always come together in prayer before having our dinner. During prayer time we would often sing a song or two.

My father had an acoustic guitar which he played and he also had an electric piano. The acoustic guitar was a more private instrument for him and he always had it safely tucked away in their bedroom. The electric guitar was however more of a family instrument and all of us could play it whenever we wanted. This instrument was very instrumental in helping each of us come to appreciate and have interest in music.

Being the third born in the family, by the time I came to, my elder brother and sister had already mastered some skill playing the electric piano. They were still kids and so they were not very advanced in skill. They could however play some simple melodies. I was fascinated by their abilities and the fact that they could do it gave me great motivation to also learn playing the instrument.

As little children with the instrument in our home, we had a great advantage in learning to play the keyboard. We could afford to spend a lot of time practicing basic skills. Our father would often show us a simple principle and we would spend lots of time learning how to apply it. He would then teach us something new. Slowly by slowly we came to learn playing the electrical piano.

As we grew up and we became more familiar with the electric piano, our experience with the electric piano helped us have interest in other areas of music. Singing was the first thing that we naturally got to be better at. In playing the electrical piano, we often had to sing as we tried to play the melody of what we sang. Gradually we became good singers too.

Our parents were a constant help in our appreciation and learning of different aspects of music. Our mother many times came to listen to us play the keyboard and these moments were very special for us since finally we had an outside audience to listen to our prowess. We would try to outdo each other in trying to impress her.

Being very wise, our mother would be a good sport and she would accordingly encourage and criticize our playing. This helped us get better and better. She would also challenge us in playing different kinds of songs which would help us perfect on different aspects of piano playing.

As adults today, each one of us is very good at the piano thanks to the electric piano that we began playing as children. We are also very good singers some of us are in singing groups.

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