Resolving to make an overhaul to lifestyle to manage weight

manage weightMy weight problem is an issue that I have fought with for many years. During this time I must admit that I have often been on the losing end. Ever since I can remember, I have been trying to go on diet and I would relapse into my normal eating habits after a short time. Working out has been even tougher to do. There was a time I decided to be taking a walk around the neighborhood, I think I went for the walk for only three days before the muscle soreness discouraged me.

I turned fifty the other day and it was a wakeup call for me about my age and my health condition. I do not want to get into old age with a weight problem. The risk implications are too high. One major area that will be under too much strain will be my heart. With advancing age, I am aware that my heart is not getting any stronger and an overweight body is often the demise of the heart. I also know that my muscles will not be as strong as I grow older and so I will not be able to work out effectively.

I realize that I need to change my lifestyle. My lifestyle is quite similar to that of many Singaporeans.

I go to work in the morning, work the whole day, and in the evening trudge home to rest ready to work the next day. Like many Singaporeans, my diet often is often junk, readily available food from fast-food outlets. Like many of my statesmen, one of my favorite activities when I have some free time is to visit some of the best buffets in Singapore and enjoy some delicious cuisines.

These habits have not been very good for me. Actually they have been very detrimental to my health. My slow metabolism rate does not help things either.

I now have to stop feeding on junk foods and I have to limit my visits to the Singapore eateries where I’ve been munching on sumptuous delicacies. I need to stop eating all the sugary and fatty snacks that I often grab while making my way back home in the evenings.

For lunch, I have decided that I will be very selective of what I eat. Since I cannot cook for lunch, I will be visiting the hawker food market that is close to my workplace where they sell some fresh vegetable stews. This is good enough food that does not contain unnecessary calories. I might once in a while take the vegetable stews with some steamed rice.

I have decided that I will also stay away from all kinds of meat, apart from steamed fish. I love fish and I simply cannot do without it. I will however only have it when steamed and never when fried.

For drinks and beverages, I need to say bye-bye to the sodas. I will stick to water and maybe some fruit juice.

With this overhaul in lifestyle, I believe that I will finally trump my weight problem.

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