Reviews Of Popular Ironing Boards This Year


Many different types and brands of ironing boards exist in the market. This makes it very hard to choose the best ironing board especially if you don’t have any idea on what to consider. That is why we have decided to write this very informative article on reviews of popular ironing boards this year to make it easy for you to choose the best ironing board when you go out to buy one.

Brabantia Ironing Board

According to brabantia ironing boards reviews, it is one of the largest ironing boards that you will find in the market. It has a steam iron rest that is very durable and also has a child lock which deactivates the ironing board and hence there is no fear of accidents. The ironing board comes with a ten-year warranty. The only shortcoming of this ironing board is that it is relatively too heavy and might be difficult to carry around.

Honey Can Do BRD Ironing Board

This is a light, durable and also a very compact ironing board. It has an attractive and very unique design that makes it stand out in the market. It has an iron rest that is retractable preventing scorching. The ironing table is five inches in height and boasts of an ironing surface of 32 by 12 inches. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it is not very good for clothes with very big sizes.

Household Essentials Super Wide Ironing Board

This is another popular ironing board. It is very big in size and can be used on any large surface in the house, the surface need only be large and flat. The board has big and massive legs that are made of metal and increases the stability of this ironing board. This ironing board comes in different leg colours and you can always choose the one that suits you. The only disadvantage of this ironing board is that it is also somehow too heavy.

Household Essentials 144222 Compact Ironing Board

This is one of the best ironing board that you can install on your door. It is very compact and also very easy to use. Another important thing to note about this ironing board is that it is very easy to install and the process is not complicated. This ironing board is particularly good for anyone who lacks enough storage space. This board is also made from steel that is very durable and of high quality. However, this ironing board is not suited for all types of clothes and therefore, care should be taken when using this ironing board.

Household Essentials Folding Space Economy Tabletop Ironing Board- This is one of the most portable ironing boards in the market. It is small in size and hence very suitable for your small room. This ironing board is also very durable and takes a long time to wear out. The only disadvantage of this ironing board is that it might need a stand which might come at an extra cost.

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