Singapore’s perfect solution to a nation’s need for housing

singappore housingHousing is a basic need for mankind. Housing provides protection from adverse weather conditions including cold, excessive sunlight, strong winds, rain, and snow. A house also provides protection from external harm such as may be inflicted by wild animals or from hostile people. A house provides protection of the owner’s property and it also provides the occupants with privacy.

Housing and shelter is a basic need that in many cases helps to categories the development or growth of a nation. A nation that has people without such a basic need cannot be termed as a developed nation. Due to this concern, many governments are taking it upon themselves to ensure that their people are properly housed.

In Singapore, during the mid-1990’s, the government realized that the country was slowly sliding into a housing crisis. The cost of privately owned real estate was quite high due to the scarcity of suitable real estate. The population of Singapore was huge and it was increasing day by day. Since the majority could not afford the cost of living in the few privately owned residences, many slums were slowly emerging around the city state.

The government addressed this issue and a solution was suggested. The government formed the Housing and Development Board which was mandated with the task of coming up with a proper housing scheme around the state. This included building massive flats with multiple apartments which had all the basic amenities and met all the standards that provided for decent living. The HDB management team would then rent or sell these residences to the citizens of Singapore at low affordable prices.

The project has been a huge success in Singapore. Any working person can now afford to have proper living quarters that meet all the basic standards of proper housing.

The HDB project has continued with its mandate since then with new flats being built as demand arises. As time passes, there is a difference in the new flats being constructed. The more recent flats are more modern with modern facilities. Modern HDB apartments will therefore cost more money to buy or rent as compared to those that were built earlier.

Not all HDB projects are built the same. The housing facilities are built with the people’s uniquely different needs in mind. For example, there are flats that are built with single rooms and some have double rooms. These are usually for single people or couples. Some rooms are built with two bedrooms which are from small families while there are apartments that are built with more than two bedrooms which are for larger families.

Apart from these categories, there are some housing schemes that are built with superfluous amenities such as a communal swimming room, rooms with fancy closets in the master rooms, apartments that are built with a well maintained guarded court, and or flats that have courts with gardens. These are housing solutions that are built for specific working groups or for the elite in the community. These housing projects are rented or sold at a much higher price.

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